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Our youth entrepreneurship advisor supports young people wishing to start a business  while also promoting local entrepreneurship.

Project manager - Entrepreneurship - Innovation - Volunteering



If you have an idea or want to develop one, we can help you create your own project or business!

Our help comes in two forms.

  • As a resource person to answer questions, explore your ideas and how you can turn them into reality.

  • As a "Coach" who will challenge you to answer questions about your business idea, and develop a solid plan for success!


You go :

  • Determine your entrepreneurial profile;

  • Develop your business idea;

  • Discover the stages of setting up a business;

  • Develop a preliminary business plan.


Our involvement in schools and communities aims to:

  • Support the creation and implementation of projects;

  • Facilitate workshops on various cutting-edge topics related to entrepreneurship;

  • Provide tools to develop activities.

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