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Passage Primaire
Secondaire Project

​The Passage Primaire Secondaire Project aims to develop personal, social, intellectual, methodological and communication skills in sixth-grade students before moving on to secondary school.


Here are some examples of the objectives of these workshops:

  • In terms of knowledge: Understand the rules of life and ethics of secondary school, acquire knowledge in terms of courses and subjects taught, see and participate in the course of a day in secondary school, demystify myths and realities from secondary school.

  • In terms of know-how Identify work methods and use them, develop learning techniques, structure and organize studies, use problem-solving techniques.

  • In terms of interpersonal skills: encouraging young people to take responsibility for school and their academic success, identify their fears about high school, become aware of their ability to think before they act, develop their autonomy.

The project prepares students for their arrival in secondary school and promotes better integration and faster adaptation.

Visit the 'Madame Passage primaire-secondaire' YouTube Channel by clicking here 

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