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Créneau Carrefour

The Créneau Carrefour aims to promote academic perseverance, personal and social autonomy as well as participation in entrepreneurial and volunteer projects.

and volunteering and to promote the presence of young people in decision-making places.


Social and personal autonomy - School perseverance - Entrepreneurship - Volunteering - Volunteering


As part of its 2030 Quebec Youth Policy, the Youth Secretariat wants to implement projects targeting certain needs identified among young people aged 15 to 29. The autonomy component will be aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 29 who are far removed from the labor market. We must prioritize young people from Youth Centers as well as those referred by social services. Young participants in the "Social and Professional Autonomy" component will benefit from almost unconditional support between the ages of 16 and 29. The worker in charge of the component will support young people whether they are inactive, involved in other measures, employed, studying, etc.


This service is mainly aimed at young people in a professional process aimed at continuing their studies or even returning to school. The collective effort aims to achieve the government target of 80% graduation or qualification among students under the age of 20 by 2020. This component of the Créneau Carrefour jeunesse also aims to establish and strengthen partnerships with establishments education and community organizations.


This service aims to support the development of entrepreneurial projects in schools. The funding granted allows us to allocate a resource. This project replaces the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, the objective is to align itself more towards the realization of entrepreneurial projects rather than awareness only.


This component aims to enable young people to implement at least one volunteer project that is of collective use and promotes ownership of local issues. The implementation of the project can be done by the CJE Marquette alone or in partnership. The project started at the beginning of June 2017.  


CJE Lachine received four grants of $1000 to support volunteer projects in four schools across the territory. These projects will be launched throughout the school year.

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