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Imagine being uprooted from your country and immigrating to Canada. You're trying to start a new path for your family but face several challenges like language barriers, immigration status, etc. Let these men and women share their stories of integrating into Quebec, their courage in the face of hardship and their search in hopes of a more peaceful life.

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Project history: As part of her work as a school community worker, Jade witnessed the different challenges of several immigrant families faced in their first years in Quebec. Despite their discouragement, Jade was impressed by their perseverance, resourcefulness and courage. Through her years of experience in social intervention and across various travels,  Kristina Bastien also had the chance to meet many people and encounter incredible injustices.


Together, they came up with the idea of sharing the resilience of these men and women, in hopes of inspiring other people on a similar journey as well as raising awareness in the local communities that welcome them. 

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Learn more about the project history (French-only) : Histoires d'Espoir - Historique du projet 

Project Creators

Jade Bédard
School community worker

CJE Lachine 

Kristina Bastien

Specialized educator, photographer and entrepreneur

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